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A Winston-salem Social Security Disability Claims Attorney On Filing An Initial Claim

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While many people believe Social Security benefits are an absolute guarantee, it’s important for you to understand that there are not only basic requirements for initial eligibility, but there are also factors that affect your monthly benefit amount.

Fully Insured

Social Security has its own language, which is important to know for understanding how the system works, but “fully insured” simply means that you have worked for sufficient time to qualify for benefits. For most, full insurance is met with 40 calendar quarters or 10 years of work.


The age at which you decide to retire factors into monthly benefits. Sixty-two years old is the youngest age at which retirement benefits may be collected; maximum benefits are attained only at full retirement age. However, as a Winston-Salem Social Security disability claims attorney will caution, full retirement age gradually increases based on year of birth, so yours is not guaranteed to be at a certain age.

Ongoing Entitlement

The purpose of Social Security benefits is to replace income. You must remain retired to maintain eligibility. A Winston-Salem Social Security disability claims lawyer can explain, however, that retirement is measured by earnings, not by whether you have a job. If your income is low enough, you can work and continue to receive benefits.

Pensions Other Than Social Security

The biggest factor affecting whether a separate pension will lower your Social Security monthly benefit is whether the pension came from a private employer or from a government or public-sector employer.

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