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Are you thinking about returning to work after a disability?

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Taking time off work due to a disability may make you feel vulnerable financially. Regaining your health to get back on the job may be a goal you have if you’re currently healing. Regardless of your line of work, following a few tips can help you know if returning to work after being on disability is a viable option.

Give Yourself Plenty Of Time To Heal

Ensuring that you’re ready is crucial if you’re thinking about returning to work after suffering a disabling illness or injury. In some cases, you may need a few necessary accommodations to make the transition easier. Ask yourself, “Can I realistically perform my job duties”? If you can’t answer that question with 100% certainty, it’s best to give yourself more time. You don’t want to return too early, compromise your health, and leave everyone involved in a bad position.

Consult With A Medical Professional

Your doctor is a key part of the decision-making process after suffering a disability. A medical professional will examine you and can have a frank conversation about whether you’re prepared to tackle the duties and responsibilities your work entails.

Know Your Company’s Disability Policy

Remaining in contact with your employer after being out on disability can be helpful. It is essential to let them know about the progress you’re making with recovery and any accommodations you might need upon returning.

Learning more about your company’s disability policy is also important. It should provide information related to your tasks and the number of hours you can work after returning. Looking for an occupational injury or illness clause is also essential. It can clarify whether you can receive employer disability benefits if a medical condition prevents you from fulfilling the duties of your job or finding any meaningful employment at the company.

Get Help From Human Resources And Update Your Resume

Reaching out to your company’s human resource department might make it easier to get back to work after you’ve been disabled. If your disability prevents you from returning to the same position, update your resume to highlight the physical and mental skills you have in your current condition.

Following these steps should make it more efficient and transparent to determine if you’re ready to return to work after a disability. The most important thing, for now, is to focus on your recovery.

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