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Can you qualify for SSD benefits for injuries?

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There are millions of Americans who deal with physical and mental disabilities. Some qualify to receive Social Security Disability benefits. But, some of our readers may wonder, does it matter how you develop the disability to receive this benefits? For instance, can you qualify for Social Security Disability benefits for injuries?

In most cases, the cause of the disability probably won’t affect a person’s ability to qualify for SSD benefits. Many applicants for SSD benefits even suffered a work-related injury that was the cause of their disability. While explaining the cause of the disability may help an initial application for Social Security Disability benefits, qualifying for these benefits will actually hinge more on the medical information the applicant provides and the applicant’s work history.

When a worker suffers an injury that turns out to become a disability, it can be disheartening. However, our readers should know that Social Security Disability is in place for just such a scenario. SSD benefits are funded through the Social Security taxes that come out of worker paychecks – it isn’t some federal “freebie.”

Whether the disability is caused by injury or illness, North Carolina residents who are facing the inability to work may be able to qualify for SSD benefits. In addition to the difficulties caused by their disabilities, these individuals will likely be dealing with financial problems as a result of the disability as well. Applying for SSD benefits can help. But, it is important for those who are in this type of position to begin the application process as soon as possible.

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