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Charlotte disability lawyer offers advice on giving your best testimony

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Part 2: Work And Education History

On June 3, 2010, we discussed how to give your best testimony about the pain you experience as a result of your disability. Here, we offer advice about another area of questioning that will certainly come up at your Charlotte Social Security disability hearing: your work and education history.

Questions about your education history will be straightforward and should be simple to answer. The judge or your Charlotte disability lawyer will ask: What is the highest grade you completed in school? Have you received any on-the-job training, or any job training in the military or in a formal vocational training program?

Questions about your work history will be more involved. You will be asked to describe the job duties of every significant job you have held for the past 15 years. What were the physical requirements of those jobs – lifting, pushing, sitting, standing, walking, manipulating small items? You also will be asked about your job skills. Have you held skilled or semi-skilled positions in the past 15 years? How long would it take the average person to learn to do that job?

Quick Tips:

  • Do not exaggerate your skills. The hearing is not a job interview.
  • Well ahead of your hearing date, make a list of all your past jobs and job duties. If you are able to perform one of these jobs now, despite your disability, tell your Charlotte disability lawyer.
  • If you have recently gone back to school or received training that would qualify you for a skilled position, tell your Charlotte disability lawyer.

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