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Columbia Disability Attorneys Discuss Attending Your Social Security Hearing

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If you applied for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits and a hearing is pending, you likely have questions and concerns regarding what to expect at the hearing. The Bridgman Law Offices, Columbia disability attorneys, address some common issues regarding SSD hearings.

How Formal Are SSD Hearings?

Social Security Disability hearings are conducted in an administrative setting, generally a room containing conference tables to seat the parties in attendance. The hearings are not conducted in a courtroom, and thus SSD hearings are less formal than court hearings.

Notwithstanding the informality of SSD hearings, claimants should dress and conduct themselves professionally as though they were appearing in court. You want to create a positive impression for the administrative judge hearing your case.

Will Witnesses Testify?

Yes. Witnesses, including claimants, will testify similar to a formal court hearing. Other witnesses may include the claimant’s physician(s) with personal knowledge of the disability. All witnesses must testify under oath and are subject to penalties for falsely testifying (perjury).

Who Will Be Present At The Hearing?

You, as the claimant, must personally attend the SSD hearing, along with your Columbia disability attorneys. An administrative judge will be present to conduct the proceedings, a stenographer will record the proceedings, and witnesses, e.g. your treating physician, will also attend. You are permitted to bring observers if you wish. The hearing is private and closed to the public, unlike most court hearings.

Your Columbia disability attorneys at The Bridgman Law Offices will thoroughly advise you regarding the formalities and informalities to expect at your SSD hearing.

Retaining Columbia Disability Attorneys

As an SSD applicant with a pending hearing, your objective is a successful outcome to obtain your deserved and long-awaited benefits. The Bridgman Law Offices have successfully represented thousands of applicants at their SSD hearings.

Our firm’s Columbia disability attorneys possess a wealth of knowledge, skill, and expertise in this highly-unique area of law. Please contact The Bridgman Law Offices at 704-815-6055 for a complimentary evaluation regarding your pending SSD hearing.

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