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Disability benefits can be tough to secure

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There are certain things in life that Charlotte residents can prepare for. Retirement, expanding their families and even changing jobs are events that some people may be able to see in the future and can make plans to achieve. Other events, unfortunately, are emergencies or are unexpected and cannot be foreseen by those who are affected by them.

Oftentimes, the occurrence of a disabling condition may catch a person by surprise. An illness that robs them of their ability to be self-sufficient, or an injury that renders them dependent on others, can happen in the blink of an eye. While some individuals may live their whole lives with disabilities, others may acquire them after years of healthy living and self-supporting activity.

Through the Social Security Administration, individuals with disabilities may be able to secure different forms of benefits. Different benefits may be available to different individuals, and knowing just what to apply for can be confusing. Once a person knows what they want to seek from the Social Security Administration, they must successfully apply for the benefits that will improve their life.

Not every application for disability benefits is approved the first time it is reviewed. In fact, the Social Security Administration has an extensive review process that applications may cycle through and may linger in while applicants wait for determinations. At our law firm, we attempt to help our clients secure disability benefits throughout their application processes. When disabled individuals and their families have questions about what benefits to seek and how to apply for them, we do our best to support them with the help they need.

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