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Disability Benefits Cases Involving Mental Impairments

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If you’re wondering whether your limitations qualify, call 704-815-6055 for Charlotte Social Security disability attorney at Bridgman Law Offices.

A seasoned Charlotte Social Security disability attorney interacts with varied types of disability benefits applicants on a daily basis including claimants struggling with mental incapacities alongside physical limitations. Contrary to what applicants may believe, dealing with mental and physical impairments does not limit their ability to receive Social Security disability benefits.

Physical Injuries And Mental Limitations Oftentimes Go Hand In Hand

Many applicants are ashamed to admit their struggles with mental impairments, but a qualified Charlotte Social Security disability lawyer can explain that it is not uncommon for applicants to experience both physical and mental limitations. This is particularly true in cases of long-term physical impairments, which can take a toll upon on the claimant’s emotional and mental well-being.

For an applicant whose long-term physical impairments are accompanied by mental impairments, the best course of action is to openly discuss these incapacities with his or her disability attorney. Then, the lawyer can provide legal counsel and assist the applicant with describing how his or her mental impairments affect the ability to retain gainful employment, a key topic of every Social Security disability benefits case.

Mental Impairments Commonly Seen By A Charlotte Social Security Disability Attorney

A practiced lawyer will want to discuss the following types of common mental incapacities with his or her clients.

  • Depression;
  • Anxiety;
  • Anti-social behavior such as isolationism or difficulty interacting with others;
  • Poor memory; and
  • Inability to focus.

Consult A Lawyer With The Experience To Potentially Handle Your Case

A skilled Charlotte Social Security disability attorney possesses experience navigating cases involving physical and mental impairments. If you’re wondering whether your incapacities qualify you for disability benefits, call 704-815-6055 to get in touch with the experienced lawyers at the Bridgman Law Offices.

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