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Disability benefits for autism spectrum disorders

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According to the advocacy group Autism Speaks, autism spectrum disorder is a class of conditions that can affect a person’s social, communicative and behavioral development. It is not unusual for a child to be placed “on the spectrum” if they exhibit characteristics that fall into the range of possible autism disorders and autism can and does affect a person for their lifetime. While many North Carolina residents who live with autism spectrum disorder are able to lead fulfilling and successful lives, others struggle to care for themselves and to work for income.

Because autism spectrum disorder is a range of conditions, it is not possible to say exactly what it is. It is diagnosed by a medical professional and, depending upon the needs of the individual, a treatment or therapy plan may be put into place. Not all treatments work for all types of the disorder and individual care plans are often specialized.

Therefore, while it is possible for a person with autism spectrum disorder to receive disability benefits from the Social Security Administration, applicants under this form of disability must understand that their conditions will be individually assessed to ensure that they meet the SSA’s standing definition of “disabled.” Autism spectrum disorder is recognized as a potentially disabling condition, but evidence must be provided by applicants to show that they are otherwise qualified under the law.

Those who struggle with autism spectrum disorder may have no options when it comes to working if their conditions prevent them from performing the tasks of any type of work. With the help and support of disability benefits legal professionals, they may be able to successfully apply for benefits that can help them meet their basic needs.

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