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Do heart conditions qualify for Social Security disability?

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The heart is possibly the most vital organ in the human body. Each day, without conscious effort, the heart of a Charlotte resident beats and pumps blood all throughout the person’s corpus. Through the measured, consistent work of the heart the body is fed a constant supply of oxygen, nutrients are moved into necessary systems, and the circulatory system fuels the individual from top of head to tips of toes.

However, when a person suffers a medical problem with their heart their whole life can be impacted. A heart condition can affect a person’s capacity to drive, interact with their family and friends, and sustain their energy. Heart conditions can require consistent medical attention and can prevent individuals from holding down the jobs they need to survive.

Some heart conditions and illnesses are recognized by the Social Security Administration as disabilities and may qualify the individuals who suffer from them for disability benefits. Termed “cardiovascular impairments,” heart illnesses and conditions must be evaluated by Social Security Administration representatives to ensure that they sufficiently prevent the sufferer from doing work to earn money.

An evaluation for a claimed cardiovascular impairment can be extensive. A review of a claimed condition can include but is not limited to reviews of medical records, laboratory results, treatments and functional limitations suffered by the applicant. Based upon their findings Social Security Administration reviewers may approve or deny an applicant’s claim for benefits based on a cardiovascular impairment.

To learn more about applying for disability benefits based on a heart condition or illness readers should speak with disability benefits attorneys. This post is offered as information only and should not be read as legal or medical guidance.

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