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FAQs About Disability Laws in Columbia

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Understanding the disability laws in Columbia will help you to be better prepared for your Social Security Disability hearing. Often times if you have never been through a Social Security Disability hearing then you will be wondering what to expect. The following are frequently asked questions that may help to better prepare you for your hearing.

How long will it take for my case to be heard, a decision to be made and to start receiving benefits?

The length it takes to hear your Social Security disability case can vary from state-to-state. Your attorney who understands the disability law in Columbia will be able to advise you of an average wait time for a hearing. After hearing your case, the judge will typically take anywhere from two-four months to make a decision. After being awarded disability benefits, it could take up to a month or two before you start receiving them. It is likely that you will receive back benefits for the time that you were waiting to receive them. If your disability case involves SSI, then it may take longer to receive your benefits.

How will I find out when my hearing is scheduled for?

Your attorney will be the first party notified and will let you know what date has been set for your hearing. An assistant for the judge will call your attorney to confirm that the date they set will work for you and your attorney. Your attorney will draft a letter to you letting you know what date was set. After your attorney sends your letter, the judge will send you an official Notice of Hearing. If you receive the notice without hearing from your attorney first, contact them immediately to let them know that you receive the notice. If you have further questions about disability law in Columbia, contact your attorney for a consultation.


For an experienced professional in disability laws in Columbia, contact our SSD attorney from the Bridgman Law Offices at 704-815-6055. The Bridgman Law Offices are familiar with the disability laws in Columbia and will help you through your Social Security Disability hearing.

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