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Getting ready to appeal a denied SSD claim

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If you are unable to hold gainful employment as the result of an injury or illness, it is important for your well-being and the stability of your North Carolina family to secure certain financial support. You may believe that you have a valid claim to Social Security Disability benefits, and it could be devastating to learn that your claim came back denied.

A denied disability claim is frustrating, but it is not the end of the road for you. You could have grounds to move forward with an appeal. You have the right to keep fighting for the support you need, and you also have the right to seek help for the entire application and appeals processes.

Properly preparing for your appeal

A significant number of initial applicants have their disability claims denied the first time. However, knowing this does not mean that this setback will not be discouraging and frustrating for you. It is quite normal to have to appeal an SSD claim, and your chances of success increase significantly when you have support and have properly prepared for the process. Some of the things you may need to get ready for this process include gathering the following:

  • Any new information, documents or paperwork pertaining to doctors, medical treatment and hospital stays you required since you originally submitted information in your application
  • Information regarding any medication you are currently taking
  • Evidence supporting any change in your everyday activities, including your ability to work, go to school and care for yourself
  • Supporting documents that may pertain to your claim, including doctors notes, medical reports and written statements from individuals verifying your condition

Securing disability benefits can be a complex process, but it is worth it to continue to fight for the security of your family and the support you need for medical care and living expenses.

Do you have a right to disability benefits?

There is a limited time in which you may seek a reconsideration of your disability benefits claim. Your prompt action could have a direct impact on your successful fight for benefits, and you have no time to lose in learning what you need to do to move forward with this effort.

You may be unable to work due to a medical condition, but you could have a rightful claim to certain types of financial support. You may find it beneficial to seek a complete understanding of your rights before you begin the appeals process.

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