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Greensboro Disability Lawyers Discuss How The Ssa Views Stress And Mental Impairments

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When you are applying for Social Security disability insurance benefits due to a stress or mental impairment, your Greensboro disability lawyers will explain to you how the Social Security Administration (SSA) views these types of claims. Your attorney will discuss with you how your claim applies to the SSA rulings.


The SSA has made a ruling about stress and mental impairment claims. The SSA has stated the following about these types of claims:

Mental illness is defined as reacting to a normal situation in an abnormal manner.

Because these reactions can be considered unusual, people suffering from mental impairments, including severe stress, may find it very difficult to function in a work setting. Because mental impairments are very individualized disorders, the SSA has not set specific guidelines for determining impairment, but encourages thorough investigation into the limitations and restrictions of each individual based on their impairment. Mental impairments often cause individuals to live a very restrictive lifestyle so that they can function in a more normal manner. This can often be treated medically through the use of medications and therapies to help reduce the stress level of the individual in a community setting, allowing them to function with minimal stress. However, this is not always the case. Work-related stress can cause many people with mental impairments to react to trivial situations with adverse reactions. Some work-related stress issues include coming to work on time each day, having to remain at work for the entire shift, or having their work supervised. Some individuals panic in elevators or in stairwells, making it impossible for them to reach their designated workspace. Other individuals function well until they are approached by a coworker or customer. Once approached, these individuals react in an adverse manner, making it impossible for them to perform their job duties. Because these events are so overwhelming for the person suffering from the impairment, they are unable to perform in any type of position, including low-stress jobs. Because mental impairments are very unique to each person, a person unable to complete a skilled job may still not be able to function in an unskilled position. It is the stress of interacting with others or completing tasks that cause the stress, not necessarily the job skill level. In addition, someone who has a very hard time functioning in a position that requires constant supervision may not function well in a less supervised position. This same individual may feel as if they are being judges or spied on, even without the presence of management. When reviewing a case for Social Security disability insurance benefits, the SSA requires that these issues be addressed in the RAF assessment.

Greensboro Disability Lawyers Can Help You With Your Disability Claim

If you need to apply for disability benefits, or if you have recently been denied benefits, you are encouraged to speak with one of the experienced attorneys at the Bridgman Law Offices. One of the disability attorneys will review the facts of your case and provide you with the information you need to take the next steps in filing for disability benefits. Call 704-815-6055 and schedule a free consultation with Greensboro disability lawyers today.

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