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Greensboro Social Security Disability Lawyers Discuss Your Hearing Testimony

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Our firm’s Greensboro Social Security disability lawyers can help with your disability case. Please contact The Bridgman Law Offices at 704-815-6055.

If you are a Social Security Disability (SSD) applicant with a pending hearing, you likely have many questions and concerns regarding how to prepare for your hearing. The Bridgman Law Offices and its Greensboro social security disability lawyers, have successfully represented SSD applicants at their hearings; we ensure clients are well-prepared to testify successfully in support of their case.

Communicating Your Symptoms During Testimony

Although various evidence will be presented at your hearing, including your treating physicians’ testimony and medical records, your testimony will be the most powerful evidence the judge weighs. Accordingly, a successful hearing requires that you properly and effectively communicate with the presiding judge.

The judge will question you regarding your disability, such as “why are you unable to work”? Do not simply say “because I’m in pain constantly.” Your testimony should precisely and thoroughly describe your symptoms – not by name, but by feeling. For example, don’t say “I have severe arthritis” or “my back always hurts”; instead, describe in detail the nature, severity, and location of your pain, whether it travels to different parts of your body, and frequency and duration of the pain. Explain to the judge how you feel from day-to-day, including your day-to-day limitations and challenges resulting from your disability, what triggers your pain or other symptoms, and what exacerbates and alleviates your symptoms.

Do not exaggerate or minimize your symptoms; you must testify accurately and honestly. You will be placed under oath before testifying, and are subject to penalties for falsely testifying (perjury). Bear in mind that your testimony should be consistent with other evidence presented, i.e. it should be consistent with your physicians’ testimony and supporting medical records. If your testimony varies from the other evidence, either exaggerated or minimized, this will raise credibility issues with the judge.

Your Greensboro Social Security disability lawyers at The Bridgman Law Offices will advise and counsel you prior to your hearing to prepare you to testify effectively.

Legal Representation From Our Greensboro Social Security Disability Lawyers

The Bridgman Law Offices and our Greensboro Social Security disability lawyers, understand the stress accompanied by a pending hearing when your livelihood is at stake. Your objective, and ours, is to achieve a favorable outcome at your hearing to obtain the maximum SSD benefits to which you are entitled.

Our firm’s Greensboro Social Security disability lawyers possess the requisite expertise, knowledge, and skill to provide you with superior advocacy at your hearing. Please contact The Bridgman Law Offices at 704-815-6055 for a complimentary consultation regarding your SSD case.

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