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How Disability Lawyers in Greensboro NC Can Use Opinion Statements

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According to our disability lawyers in Greensboro NC, an opinion statement from your physician can be an important part of your disability claim. Reports from your doctors about their opinions regarding your diagnosis, current and recommended treatment, as well as any functional limitations (which is simply what work you’re still able to perform), may be submitted to the Social Security Administration. Reports such as these can be very helpful to your claim. In some cases, an opinion that complies with Social Security Administration requirements could be required to be used as the controlling medical opinion in your case.

Personal Statements

Statements from you regarding your physical and mental state, as well as your ability to work and complete your usual activities, represent another important piece of your claim. The Social Security Administration considers any statements you make, such as those included in paperwork filed with the Social Security Administration. Statements made to Social Security Administration employees, healthcare professionals, and even the Administrative Law Judge who hears your disability case, will also be considered. When it comes to these statements, the Social Security Administration checks to see if your statements are consistent. You would not want to tell the Social Security Administration something different than what you have told your doctor, for example. Disability lawyers in Greensboro NC know consistent statements make your claim more believable. Be prepared to give a reasonable explanation for inconsistent statements.

Statements From People Familiar With Your Condition

Letters from people you know may be submitted at the hearing, or people may appear and testify in person. Co-workers and supervisors, as well as relatives and friends, may provide information that might be helpful to your claim. You can obtain statements from people who are familiar with your condition, symptoms and disability status to help support your claim.

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