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How does work affect the ability to get SSD?

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The standards set to qualify for Social Security Disability benefits are quite high and strict. You must have a disability that meets the Social Security Administration’s definition. You need to have a work history that meets the requirements, and you must meet earning regulations.

The SSA explains the general rules when it comes to working is if you can work, then you cannot get SSD benefits. However, there are exceptions and working can impact your benefits in other ways.


One of the important things about how work impacts your SSD qualification is that you need to have worked and earned a specific number of credits through the SSA system to be able to get benefits. How many credits you need and the calculation of credits can vary and change, so you should check with the SSA.


Another way working will impact your ability to get SSD is that if you earn over a certain amount each month, you automatically cannot get benefits. There are exceptions for those with certain medical conditions, but for most people, there is an earnings limit. It changes each year. For 2021, the limit was $1,310.


SSD benefits are for people who cannot work due to a medical condition. This generally means you can not do any kind of work. If you can work at all, you will probably have a difficult time qualifying for benefits.

The SSA is very strict about assessing your situation. It will consider how your medical condition impacts your ability to work. If you can work in a position, even if it is different from the work you usually do, then the SSA will probably deny your ability to get benefits.

Your ability to work, your past work and your current work situation are very important factors in whether you qualify for SSD benefits.

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