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Is fibromyalgia eligible for workers comp?

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There is some debate among the medical community over the condition of fibromyalgia, but this is an officially recognized condition by the American Medical Association.

Those who deal wit> fibromyalgia experience extreme discomfort and tenderness in the tendons, ligaments and muscles, or certain points over the body at the application of pressure. This is a disabling condition that can make it difficult for an individual to work.

Symptoms Of Fibromyalgia

Those who struggle with fibromyalgia experience sharp, gnawing or shooting pains in different areas of the body. Some of the more common complaints of pain include the shoulder, lower back, feet, knees, and side, though pain could occur anywhere. Depression and fatigue often accompany episodes of pain, making it difficult to follow routines or engage in work activities.

Causes Of Fibromyalgia

Some medical professionals refer to fibromyalgia as an invisible disease because of the lack of physical signs indicating the onset of the disease. Even still, studies show that this condition is often evident in working conditions where repetitive movements are common or where the environment is extremely loud or cold. Medically, the body’s levels of serotonin fall too low, causing a drastic change in pain perception. This is often the onset of fibromyalgia, with working conditions influencing the initial drop in serotonin levels.

Workers’ compensation claims find validity when the evidence shows the conditions or factors of a work environment trigger on injury or disease. Although difficult, it is possible for fibromyalgia patients to receive workers’ compensation for their condition when the pain prohibits them from working.

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