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Is sexual harassment always physical?

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Sexual harassment is an issue that has existed in workplaces for centuries. Unfortunately, even with the advent of new technologies and other aids that make work easier for everyone, problems like harassment persist.

It is important for victims of sexual harassment to know and understand that this form of harassment does not always look the same, though. In fact, sexual harassment can take a surprising number of forms.

Exposing Other Forms Of Harassment

OSHA Safety Manuals discusses sexual harassment at workplaces. First, set aside sexual harassment that involves physical contact or assault. The media often covers these cases highly, so they get a lot of attention and many people are aware that it is a problem.

Instead, it is important to focus attention on the lesser-known cases and instances of sexual harassment. Many people do not even know that sexual harassment does not need to have a physical component. In fact, many cases do not involve physical contact at all.

Indecent Exposure And Gender Discrimination

For example, indecent exposure makes up a good chunk of harassment cases. This can include a harasser sending the victim explicit pictures without consent. It can also involve the harasser exposing his or herself in person or over video chat.

Some forms of sexual harassment do not even have to involve sexual acts in the first place. For example, someone can get accused of sexually harassing another person if they make derogatory or rude comments centered on their sex or gender.

Victims can take action if they face this type of sexual harassment too, even if not a single physical touch ever got exchanged

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