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Our Charlotte Disability Lawyers Explain How Child Support Affects Disability Benefits

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When changes in your life that may affect your benefits occur, it’s crucial to touch base with Charlotte disability lawyers. Child support is a prime example. Claimants are often confused about if or how child support affects their disability benefits. Many are left wondering if their SSDI or SSI will be garnished to satisfy their child support obligations. Others wonder whether any family allowance they receive will replace the child support they owe. By familiarizing yourself with these and other topics, you won’t be taken by surprise when the time comes.

If I Qualify For Disability Benefits, Do I Still Owe Child Support?

Receiving disability benefits does not eliminate your child support obligation. You must continue making your payments as outlined by the court to avoid facing various consequences.

I Can’t Afford My Child Support Payments Now That I Receive Disability Benefits

Like many people, the amount of your monthly disability benefits may be considerably less than what you used to earn. However, your current child support order may still reflect your old income. Unfortunately, the child support that’s required to be paid isn’t automatically adjusted. You must petition the court in charge of the child support order to request a modification. Depending on your jurisdiction, this may take some time. With help from Charlotte disability lawyers, you can have the order updated to reflect your new monthly income.

Will My Back Child Support Be Adjusted Now That I Receive Disability Benefits?

No. If you are in arrears, the arrearage remains unchanged. The total amount is still owed, and you must take steps to catch up with your back child support.

Will My Disability Benefits Be Garnished For Child Support?

That depends on a few things. If you receive SSI, or Supplemental Security Income, your benefits may not be garnished. However, SSDI, or Social Security Disability Insurance, may be garnished. It is not a foregone conclusion, however. If you make your child support payments on time and as required, your SSDI may not be garnished.

If I Receive A Lump Sum For Disability Benefits, Can It Be Garnished For Child Support?

Like many claimants, you may be owed a lump sum after being approved for disability benefits. If it is for SSDI, it may be garnished to satisfy past-due child support. However, only a percentage of the lump sum may be garnished; the full amount can’t be taken.

My Family Will Receive Allowance Benefits – Does This Replace Child Support?

No. If your dependents qualify for auxiliary benefits, they won’t be applied toward your child support obligation but will be in addition to whatever you owe.

Hire Charlotte Disability Lawyers

Whether you are confused about how SSI or SSDI affects your child support obligation or have other life changes that may affect your benefits, retaining skilled legal counsel is the best thing to do. Laws regarding child support and disability are complicated, so it’s crucial to have the right assistance. Contact the Charlotte disability lawyers at Bridgman Law Offices today at 704-815-6055.

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