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Our Columbia Disability Lawyer Tells What to Expect in the Hearing Room

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Your Columbia disability lawyer will provide you with general information about your hearing to receive Social Security disability benefits.

The Room Of Your Social Security Disability Hearing

Contrary to what you might believe beforehand, the hearing room in which you and your Columbia disability lawyer will present your case is simply a conference room. There might be such identifying markers as a seal for the Social Security Administration. There could be an American flag. In the hearing room, there will be a conference table. The judge will likely have an assistant, and a small table will be in the room for him or her. The judge will generally have a desk that is elevated slightly from where you and your attorney will be sitting.

The Hearing Will Be Recorded

Since the hearing must be recorded, there will be recording equipment in the conference room. When you are answering questions, it is imperative that you speak in a loud and clear voice. The microphones are sensitive enough that they will be able to pick up what you say regardless of where you are in the room provided you speak loudly enough so the judge is able to hear what you are saying. You cannot shake or nod your head as this is not sufficient when answering a question. Nor is it acceptable to point to a particular part of your body when asked where you have been injured. Answering with such terms as “uh huh” is also unacceptable. When asked a yes or no question, answer “yes” or “no.”

Call An Experienced Columbia Disability Lawyer

If you have questions about general information in your hearing, call 704-815-6055 to speak to a Columbia disability lawyer at the Bridgman Law Offices today. We can help you in representing your case and navigating the Social Security disability maze.

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