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Our Columbia Social Security Disability Attorneys Discuss Disability Assistance

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If you have applied or are considering applying for disability, our Columbia Social Security disability attorneys may prove to be valuable allies. However, you may not be sure of when to call your lawyer. For example, you may wonder if you should call your lawyer whenever you see a doctor or if your condition changes dramatically.

When You See A Doctor

It is unnecessary to call your Columbia Social Security disability attorneys about routine medical care, such as appointments with doctors and physical therapists. However, you should keep track of the dates of medical treatments so they can be used at the time of your hearing. When your lawyer sends you a letter informing you about your hearing date, your lawyer will likely send a form for you to complete that describes the medical care you have received since your first meeting with your lawyer. In order for this information to benefit you at a hearing, your lawyer will need complete names and addresses of your doctors and therapists. He or she will also need information on anyone else who has treated you.

When To Contact Your Lawyer

Other than having questions about your case, there are several circumstances in which you should contact your lawyer. These circumstances include dramatic changes to your condition for the worse or the better, a new diagnosis from your doctor, a hospitalization, or you go back to work. You should also call your lawyer if you are thinking about going back to work, even if you are only considering doing part-time work. A change of address or telephone also warrants a call to your lawyer. If someone from the Social Security Administration contacts you or sends a letter you do not understand, that would be another time to contact your lawyer. Finally, a form from the judge meant to be completed by one of your doctors would also warrant a call.

Contact Our Columbia Social Security Disability Attorneys

For more information on how Columbia social security disability attorneys can help you, contact Bridgman Law Offices at 704-815-6055.

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