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Overcoming obstacles to get approved for SSD benefits

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Many people may make the mistake of thinking that only elderly people need to know about Social Security Disability and other programs that are intended to help employees who are no longer able to work. But, as a recent report pointed out, that simply isn’t the case.

According to the recent report, there’s about a 25 percent chance that a person who is 20yearsold today will become either physically or mentally disabled by the time that person reaches the age of 67. That is enough of a chance that all workers should familiarize themselves with the basics of Social Security Disability, as well as other options that could help a worker financially in the event that continued employment isn’t an option. One of the most important things to learn is that there may be many obstacles to overcome in order to be approved to receive SSD benefits.

For instance, just because you have had a job before, or even that you have a job now, doesn’t mean that you automatically qualify for SSD benefits if you become disabled. Applicants for SSD benefits must have earned the requisite 40 work credits. Beyond that, applicants must also submit enough documentation about the disability in question to prove that the disability will last at least 12 months or end in death and that the disability prevents the applicant from engaging in “substantial gainful activity.”

Lastly, all workers need to understand that they may be in for a bit of a wait on an ultimate decision of approval or denial. In most areas, there is a backlog of applications that need to be reviewed. And, as has been mentioned in previous posts here, about 60 percent of initial applications are denied. But workers who have suffered an injury or illness that leaves them with a complete inability to work will likely need to face the obstacles and apply for SSD benefits.

Source:, “Why Millennials Need to Worry About Disability and Social Security,” April 11, 2017

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