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Potential Problems When Applying For Disability

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Contact a Social Security attorney Charlotte to discuss potential problems when applying for disability claims. Don’t hesitate give us a call today!

A Social Security attorney Charlotte can explain that there are many hurdles to get through when applying for Social Security disability benefits. Many applicants are initially denied before they appeal their case. Here are a few of the common problems that you may experience throughout this process.

Past Work Performance

At your disability hearing, you will be asked about work that you performed over the last 15 years. While your disability may have led you to quit your most recent job due to physical or mental limitations, this may not be the case for other jobs that you have possessed during this time. Your Social Security attorney Charlotte may discuss your work history with you to get a better idea about these types of jobs. Based on this discussion, your lawyer may identify problematic issues with returning to that particular type of job that you can explain at your disability hearing.

Unemployment Benefits

Although it is possible to receive unemployment benefits at the same time or before you receive Social Security benefits, doing so can be problematic. This is because one of the requirements under unemployment programs is that you must attest that you are willing and able to return to work. Social Security benefits are based on the opposite idea – that you are unable to return to work. Discuss this potential problem with your lawyer if you received unemployment benefits while your Social Security benefits application was pending.

Looking For Work

Like unemployment benefits, actively looking for work can potentially contradict your desire to receive Social Security benefits. If you have been looking for work, the administrative law judge may infer that you are really capable of working and not disabled. However, you can discuss this potential information with your Social Security attorney Charlotte. Simply because you were looking for any kind of work that you are physically capable of completing does not mean that you can return to the same type of work that you performed previously.

Legal Assistance From A Social Security Attorney Charlotte

If you would like to discuss these or other problems associated with applying for Social Security benefits, contact a Social Security attorney Charlotte from Bridgman Law Offices by calling 704-815-6055.

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