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Preparing for Your Hearing

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A disability lawyer can help you get ready for your disability hearing. Call our Charlotte social security disability law firm at (704) 815-6055.

After filing your application for benefits, a Charlotte social security disability law firm will discuss the content that will likely be part of your social security disability hearing. Here are a few of the topics that you can expect will be discussed.

Work Experience

A Charlotte social security disability law firm can explain that “past relevant work” only includes employment that occurred during the previous 15 years and was considered “substantial gainful activity.” You might have to provide specific details about previous work such as the name of your employer, job duties, dates of employment, earnings and your reason for leaving the position.

Exertional Level

A Charlotte social security disability law firm may also ask you about the level of exertion that previous work entailed. For example, you may be asked about the amount of weight you had to lift or carry, the length of carrying items, the frequency of lifts, time it took to stand or walk and other activities that you were required to do.

Limitations In Environment

You might also have to describe what the work environment was like, including any temperature fluctuations or hazardous contacts.

Skill Level

You may also have to explain the various skills necessary. You might explain whether any certain machines or equipment were necessary, as well as the level of literacy needed for the job. You may also explain if you supervised others.

A Charlotte social security disability lawyer from the Bridgman Law Offices may help you meet your burden of proof by showing why you can no longer perform this work. Call (704) 815-6055 to get started.

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