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Reasons that an application for SSI benefits may be denied

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Supplemental Security Income is a form of Social Security benefits that provides low income individuals with financial support. In order to qualify for SSI benefits, a person must either be blind, disabled or of an advanced age. Not every application for SSI benefits is approved, and it is important to understand some of the reasons that denials may be issued. North Carolina residents who have had their requests for SSI benefits rejected may have legal options.

An SSI application based on a person’s disability may be rejected if that individual’s ailment is expected to improve. Under the definition of “disability” recognized by the Social Security Administration, a disability must last for at least a year and any condition that is remedied before then may not qualify as such. An individual’s condition must fully meet the definition of disability to qualify under that requirement.

Additionally, an SSI application may be denied if a person makes too much money. Unlike Social Security Disability Insurance, which is based on disability, SSI is limited to people with incomes below a low threshold. If a person’s income exceeds that threshold, the applicant may not be able to secure support from the SSI program.

Other reasons that may be used to justify the rejection of an SSI application are generally procedural, such as the Social Security Administration could not find the applicant or the applicant missed important requirements for the application process. It can be beneficial for individuals who require SSI support to get more information about their options to ensure that their applications are complete and ready to be reviewed.

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