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Social Security Disability FAQs

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Contact our Charlotte Social Security disability lawyer at Bridgman Law Offices at (704) 815-6055 if you are thinking about filing for SSD benefits

The Social Security Administration will look for certain responses as they review the questions on a Social Security disability application. Individuals generally qualify if they are not working and cannot work and if they suffer from a serious impairment that will last at least a year or could be fatal. In addition, the SSA has a specific list of impairments that they use to determine eligibility. Our Charlotte Social Security disability lawyer can review these requirements with you to help you determine if you should apply for benefits.

Further Information

If you have been unable to work for six to nine months and do not anticipate returning to your job due to your disability, you should apply for benefits. However, you might apply sooner if your disability meets the criteria. While you do not need to retain the services of a Charlotte Social Security disability attorney, you might want to contact one if your claim is denied.

The Role Of A Charlotte Social Security Disability Attorney

Your lawyer can defend your right to benefits at a hearing before an administrative law judge and will work diligently to secure benefits on your behalf. They will look at what they need to prove in your case and obtain the needed documentation to support your claim. This includes obtaining expert medical, specialist and vocational reports, seeking waivers of deadlines, counseling a client, asking for an application to be reopened, filing subpoenas, submitting written summaries and making a closing statement.

Fees For A Charlotte Social Security Disability Lawyer

The Commissioner of Social Security has established a maximum fee of $6,000, but the fee could be less and is usually 25 percent of back benefits. When a lawyer needs to appeal the case, the fee could be higher. Scheduling a hearing depends on the state but could take as long as two years. Initial applications are often denied; people often make the mistake of failing to file an appeal, which are private and only take about an hour.

Contact our Charlotte Social Security disability lawyer if you are thinking about filing for SSD benefits. The professionals at Bridgman Law Officeswill be glad to answer your questions to determine if you are eligible. You can reach us at (704) 815-6055.

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