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SSD for individuals with ALS

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A new bill passed by President Joe Biden will assist ALS patients. The bill was introduced by Senators Mike Braun, Tom Cotton and Sheldon Whitehouse. This bill clarifies the terms of Social Security Disability Insurance to ensure that ALS patients have access to these benefits without having to go through the five-month waiting period. This rule will apply to ALS patients whether they applied for benefits before or after the passage of the ALS Social Security Disability Insurance Access Act, which is good news for North Carolina families who are dealing with ALS.

More On The ALS Social Security Disability Insurance Access Act

This bill was signed into law in December 2020. The law does away with the five-month waiting period for applicants to receive benefits if they have a medical diagnosis of ALS. This new law is especially important for ALS patients because symptoms of the disease show up quickly, and most affected individuals need Social Security disability benefits as soon as possible.

Important Changes To The Law

Because of the way the Social Security Administration interpreted the law in its original form, ALS patients who applied for Social Security disability benefits were required to go through a waiting period before their benefits would take effect. The senators worked to ensure that individuals with ALS could get the monetary assistance necessary to help take care of living and medical expenses as soon as possible. Senator Braun stated that since ALS is such a devastating disease, patients need immediate access to payments that will help relieve their financial burdens.

If you or a loved one has ALS and you need more information on how to receive Social Security disability benefits, consult with an experienced attorney. A legal professional may help you get the financial assistance you’re entitled to.

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