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Steps to strengthen your disability benefits application

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Applying for Social Security Disability benefits can be an important step in the life of a Charlotte resident. After experiencing the devastation of not being able to work for one’s own income, preparing an application for Social Security Disability benefits can give a person hope that their future will have some financial security. However, not every application that is submitted to the Social Security Administration is approved on its first pass and unfortunately those that are initially denied and then appealed can take a very long time to resolve.

Charlotte residents can take some important steps to give their applications the best possible chance of approval upon their initial reviews by the Social Security Administration. First, they can work with disability benefits attorneys to make sure that their applications are complete and in full compliance with the filing requirements of the Social Security Administration.

Second, an applicant for disability benefits can pick up their own copies of their medical records to include with their Social Security Disability benefits application. The Social Security Administration will review an applicant’s medical history and if that applicant provides their documentation at the time they apply it can save the review the time of having to request the records later on.

It can also be helpful for applicants to discuss their plans to apply with their doctors so that their doctors can support them through opinions and recommendations in favor of the applicants’ receiving benefits. These are only a few suggestions that individuals may wish to employ when preparing their disability benefits applications. Applicants’ attorneys can give them case specific support on their unique disability benefits needs.

Source:, “Applying for Social Security Disability? Tips to increase your odds of success,” Jan. 14, 2018

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