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The most common workers’ compensation claims for nurses

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Nursing is a demanding field with many risks for workplace injuries. As a nurse, you should recognize the inherent risks in your job, especially given the level of responsibility held in that role.

There are a few common sources of workers’ compensation claims for nurses.

Slip And Fall Injuries

Nurses experience slip and fall injuries in many environments. Wet floors, spills and even accidents with unsteady or injured patients can cause a nurse to fall. The injuries resulting from slip and fall accidents range from bruising to concussion and fractured bones.

Lift Injuries

Nurses often lift and move patients, which leads to back injuries and muscle strain. These injuries often persist enough to interfere with the job since nursing is a physically demanding role.

Infectious Disease Exposure

The COVID-19 pandemic shined a bright light on the risk of infectious disease exposure for nurses. As caregivers in the medical field, nurses come in contact with patients and infectious diseases regularly. A contracted infectious disease with long-term complications can lead to particularly complicated workers’ compensation claims.

Needle Stick Injuries

Ideal medical environments enforce protections when working with sharps and biohazard materials, but accidents happen. A nurse is prone to injuries from needle sticks due to blood draws and medication administration. The severity of the situation depends on the source of the needle.

These are a few of the most common injuries that lead to workers’ compensation claims for nurses. As a new nurse, you should remain attentive to these hazards at all times to protect yourself from injuries.

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