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Understand what to submit when pursuing SSD benefits

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Many of our readers have probably noticed the strong economic reports that have been coming out in the last couple of months. Employers are hiring more than they have in a long time and consumer confidence in the economy is high. However, there will be some in Charlotte who will miss out on what may become an economic boom because they are suffering from a disability that restricts their ability to participate in the workforce.

When North Carolina residents have a mental or physical disability that impacts their ability to work, it may be possible for them to pursue Social Security disability benefits. However, it is important to know what information to submit with an initial application for SSD benefits, because many initial applications are denied by the Social Security Administration.

But, knowing what to submit can be tricky, because each application for SSD benefits is different, based on each individual’s own unique disability, medical documentation and work history. In general, applicants will need to submit the appropriate medical documentation to show the nature of the disability in question, as well as documentation that shows that they have earned enough “work credits” to qualify for SSD benefits.

At our law firm, we do our best to work with our clients so that they know what information they will need to provide in their applications for Social Security disability benefits. But, even if the initial application is denied, there are still options to appeal. For more information, on applying for SSD benefits or appealing a denied claim, please visit our Social Security disability website.

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