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What are blood disorders and diseases?

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Not everyone can handle the sight of blood. For some North Carolina residents, the sight of blood may induce faintness or even nausea, though others may be able to manage their own cuts and scrapes without any problems. Blood is a necessary component of every human body and its processes support the functioning of practically every system in a person’s physique.

However, just as organs and tissues in the human body can become injured and sick, so too can blood suffer diseases and disorders. Blood-based illnesses can be debilitating and even deadly, and those individuals who suffer from the many diverse blood-based illnesses that exist may require varying levels of support just to get by.

For example, some cancers are blood-based. Leukemia and lymphoma are blood-based cancers that affect men, women, and children of all ages and backgrounds. Anemia, or the lack of red blood cells in the system, can cause weakness, pain, and breathing issues. Bleeding disorders can be particularly dangerous to individuals since the failure of the body to properly clot when injuries are sustained can lead to excessive blood lose in victims.

The disorders and illnesses mentioned in this post are only several of the issues that individuals can suffer from when diseases affect their blood. When a blood-based illness like cancer, anemia, or a clotting disorder prevents a person from finding and keeping a job, they may be able to secure disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. Certain conditions are considered disabilities and based on individuals’ medical histories they may qualify for support. This post is offered as information only and does not provide its readers with medical or legal advice.

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