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What if a disabling condition is not identified by the SSA?

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Getting Social Security Disability benefits is not an easy task. When a North Carolina resident chooses to apply for Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income they must submit to serious assessments of their financial and physical or mental health. There are multiple requirements that they must meet in order to be granted benefits, and one of those requirements is having their disabling condition recognized by the Social Security Administration.

The Social Security Administration’s list of disabling conditions is often referred to as the “Blue Book” and on that list individuals may find a number of physical and mental conditions organized by body system and process. Conditions listed are generally recognized as disabilities if they meet the severity identified by the Social Security Administration, but from time to time applicants suffer from conditions that have not been included on this extensive list.

When this happens applicants may need to submit significant medical evidence to demonstrate that they are, in fact, disabled. They will need to prove that that their condition prevents they from doing the tasks necessary for completing work and that their condition is persistent and will last for at least a year. They effectively must build cases to prove that they are disabled by medical ailments that have not yet been identified by the Social Security Administration as disabilities.

Doing this may be a significant undertaking for a person who is unable to work because of a severe mental or physical disability. It is important to understand the basics of applying for disability benefits.

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