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What is spinal stenosis?

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An injury that affects a person’s spine can be detrimental to their long-term health. That is because the spine, which includes the spinal cord and spinal column, affects practically every other part of the body. As the spinal cord sends brain messages through the body’s network of nerves, any injuries to it or its protective spinal column can be disastrous to the rest of a North Carolina resident’s system.

Spinal stenosis is a potentially dangerous condition that involves the narrowing of the spaces surrounding the spine. When space between the spinal column and the spinal cord disappears, victims of spinal stenosis may experience pressure on those nerves that are responsible for providing brain feedback to the appendages and the rest of the body. Pressure can cause the body to experience pain, weakness, balance issues, and other damaging conditions.

While surgery and other treatments may offer some sufferers of spinal stenosis relief, not everyone who copes with this condition will be able to find an adequate remedy. Due to the vast and serious side effects that many sufferers of spinal stenosis experience, some individuals may have to give up their jobs and other life responsibilities due to the disabling symptoms of their conditions.

Whether stenosis impacts a victim’s cervical spine or lumbar spine, they should know that they may have disability benefits options if their condition keeps them from holding down a job. With proper documentation and the support of a trusted Social Security disability benefits attorney, a spinal stenosis sufferer may be able to get the financial help they require to live with their disabling and painful diagnosis.

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