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When Do I Receive My Disability Checks?

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So you have won your Social Security case. What do you do now? After going through the disability process you probably just want them to cut you a check on the spot. However, Social Security disability benefits do not automatically start immediately. On average, as a disability law firm in Greensboro, NC, can tell you, most individuals awarded benefits may have to wait four to eight weeks before they receive their benefits.

Notice Of Award

First, Social Security will send out a Notice of Award. In the correspondence, you will receive information that is specific to your benefits. The Notice will detail the amount you can expect any lump sum back payments. Along with a specific date of when your monthly benefits will start coming in.

How You Will Receive Your Benefits

Since the Paper Reduction Act, federal agencies no longer send paper checks. Once approved for disability benefits you will need to provide Social Security with a means to directly deposit funds to you through a bank account or debit card. Otherwise, the Social Security office may provide you with a debit card that your funds will be deposited on.

How A Disability Law Firm In Greensboro, Nc Can Help

Yet, for some people there can be other complications with your benefits. Should you run into complications, you may want to consult with a disability law firm in Greensboro, NC to help you with your matter. Our disability law firm has advocates that can help you with your disability benefits. Contact our lawyers today for assistance with your disability case. Call Bridgman Law Offices  at (704) 815-6055.

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