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When may a consultative examination be ordered?

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It takes a lot of work to put together a compelling and complete claim for Social Security disability benefits. Many North Carolina residents choose to use the services of attorneys who work in the field of disability benefits law to help them collect everything they need to have their claims efficiently processed. However, in some situations the applications that individuals send to the Social Security Administration may not offer enough evidence to show that the applicants suffer from disabling conditions.

When this happens applications may be asked to undergo consultative examinations. A consultative examination is a medical examination for the purposes of collecting more information about the applicant’s condition. Such an examination happens with a medical provider other than the applicant’s own doctor, and this can be needed for many reasons.

For example, an applicant’s doctor may not have the proper equipment or experience to complete all of the tests that are needed to demonstrate the applicant’s disability. Or, an applicant’s doctor may not have kept sufficiently complete records to show just how extensive the applicant’s condition really is. When an applicant has a justifiable reason for wishing to have an independent medical review, they may be able to have a consultative examination ordered for their claim.

Consultative examinations happen so that the Social Security Administration can collect as much information as possible to determine if applicants should be granted disability benefits. They may support applicants’ claims and aid them in getting the benefits they need. Additional questions about this important topic should be directed to legal professionals who provide disability benefits services as this post should not be relied on as legal guidance.

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