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Why you should file workers’ comp claims quickly

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North Carolina imposes strict deadlines on workers’ compensation claims. If you miss this deadline, even by a day, you could lose the right to receive the benefits that you need. This is why you cannot afford to delay the process.

Building Your Claim Takes Time

Workers’ compensation involves filing a claim with the insurance company. The company will review it and make the initial determination that you are eligible for benefits and how much you can receive. Before you even file the claim, you should visit a doctor to get your diagnosis. Without it, you cannot prove that you suffered a work-related injury that would entitle you to compensation. All of this takes time. Claim preparation and the necessary medical appointments may not happen quickly. In the meantime, the deadline for filing a claim would continue to run.

You May Need To Appeal

You should also file a claim quickly because it means that you may receive benefits more quickly. The insurance company might deny your initial claim, meaning that you would have to go through the worker’s comp appeals process. While you should take the time to ensure that your claim is done correctly, you should also file it sooner rather than later. This way, if you have to file an appeal, the process could start more quickly because it is based on when you receive the denial.

Insurance companies often look for reasons to deny claims. One way to file a stronger and better-documented claim is to hire a workers’ comp lawyer. The attorney may assist you in meeting the requirements. If your claim is denied, you definitely need a lawyer to assist with the appeal. Often, denials are the result of a misunderstanding, or you simply need additional documentation. Your lawyer may help supplement your claim and streamline the appeals process.

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