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Why You Should Keep a Disability Diary

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A Charlotte disability attorney at Bridgman Law Offices are ready to help you with your disability case. Call (704) 815-6055 for a free consultation.

Diaries don’t just occupy the realm of teenage gossip and angst. A consistent record of the details of your activities and their effects is a valuable asset in your Social Security disability case. Our memories can fail us. Recalling the specifics of how you felt over a period of weeks and months becomes more difficult as time passes. A diary remedies that, and will provide you with the confidence to discuss your symptoms and limitations with ease at your hearing. Charlotte disability attorneys understand what you need to have a successful disability case.

Your diary can be simple. A wall calendar in your kitchen serves the purpose just fine. Jotting down brief notes goes a long way towards sharpening the quality of your testimony. Better yet, consider using a diary designed specifically for documenting disability-related occurrences. When you record the events as they happen, you paint a picture that the Social Security Administration cannot erase.

Use Your Wait Time Wisely

Unfortunately, common to most areas in the country, including Charlotte, is a long delay before disability hearings. Your Charlotte disability lawyers will help you use this time wisely. Occasionally sending your diaries to your lawyer enables him or her to make suggestions about symptoms you may be overlooking.

Diaries are even more effective when used in tandem with information obtained from your treating doctor. Your disability attorney can append requests for a treating source statement from your doctor to copies of your diaries. Your doctor can then use your conditions and ailments to form the basis for credible medical opinions, thereby giving authenticity to your diaries and strengthening your case.

What Kind Of Diary Should I Keep, And How Many?

Your particular case determines the number and type of diaries you should keep. Your Charlotte disability attorneys will help you decide whether it’s better to have one all-encompassing diary-or several, each focused on one troubling symptom.

In most cases, it’s prudent to keep more than one diary. If you have a fatigue diary, that could usefully be paired with a lower back pain diary. Similarly, a hepatitis diary can be combined with a detailed headache diary. Your disability attorney will guide you in keeping the diaries that are beneficial to your case.

Seek The Help Of A Charlotte Disability Attorney

Charlotte disability attorneys at Bridgman Law Offices are ready to help you with your disability case. You deserve experienced and professional representation. Give us a call at (704) 815-6055 for a free initial consultation.

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