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4 mistakes that could cost you getting workers’ comp benefits

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A work-related injury can have drastic effects on your livelihood and ability to financially provide for your family. Because you may no longer be able to work for a significant amount of time, it is critical for you to immediately seek medical advice and file for workers’ compensation benefits. This is not the time to procrastinate.

In such circumstances when dealing with workers’ compensation, you may need a crash course in how the system works, how to file for the benefits along with avoiding any potential mistakes that could prevent you from receiving these benefits. And there are a few potential mistakes out there.

Not Reporting Your Injury, Failing To Seek Benefits

Here are some missteps that an injured worker may make in scenarios that call for workers’ compensation benefits:

  • Failing to promptly report your injury: Let your employer know right away. Delaying doing so may lead to suspicions from your physician as well as your employer’s doctor. Health officials as well as your employer may assert that your injury did not occur through work.
  • Failing to get medical treatment right away: Not only is this a blunder that could lead to long-term health problems, but also one that may lead to your employer’s insurer claiming that your injury was not work-related. Talk to a doctor.
  • Discussing your case with employer’s insurance carrier: You may have to provide some information but disclosing too many details to the insurance company could harm you. The insurance company wants to pay you as little as possible or not pay you at all. Its representatives may get you to say unfavorable things that may hurt your chances of getting benefits.
  • Failing to seek workers’ compensation benefits: Such inaction may be because you simply did not know that you could pursue such benefits. However, in many cases, workers believe that their injuries are not too severe and try to continue working or simply taking paid time off in hoping to recover. Surprisingly, some workers do not think they need to file. Seek these benefits.

In times like these, you must stand up for yourself. You remain your best advocate. If injured on the job, you have every right to pursue workers’ compensation benefits.

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