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Average Car Accident Settlement in North Carolina [2024 Updated]

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North Carolinians commonly use vehicles as their means of transport. Even after exercising caution and following all traffic laws, drivers can still be subject to the risk of car accidents caused by other motor vehicle drivers. Understanding the average car accident settlement in North Carolina is useful for understanding the coverage you are entitled to after an accident that was not your fault.

Because each car accident in North Carolina is different, the settlement amounts will vary. There are, however, general factors that commonly influence the total amount of a settlement. It is helpful for drivers to be aware of these factors to make sure that they are receiving adequate amounts of coverage for the subsequent damages and injuries.

Driving Factors Influencing Car Accident Settlement Amounts

Each car accident settlement is loosely based on the economic and non-economic damages associated with the accident; however, there are other key factors involved as well. A knowledgeable and experienced car accident attorney can help you determine the worth of your car accident damages by considering the following factors:

  • Injury Severity. Car accident injuries can range from minor cuts and lacerations to severe spinal cord injuries that can lead to partial or full paralysis. Car accidents that result in more serious injuries, which require more intensive medical treatments, will be associated with greater settlement amounts.
  • Lost Income. If the car accident victim is not able to work during the time that they are injured and recovering, then this will increase the expected value of the car accident settlements. Furthermore, if their salary or earning potential was high before the crash, they will be entitled to greater compensation for their lost income and, therefore, a greater overall settlement amount.
  • Recovery Duration. The amount of time that it will take for the victim to recover is an important factor to consider, as longer recovery times will be associated with greater medical costs, as well as costs for assistive care and lost wages and compensation.
  • Liability Evidence. In North Carolina, it must be clear that the accident victim was not liable in any way for the car accident, or they might not be entitled to recover damages. Therefore, cases that have clear evidence showing that the other party or parties involved were fully at fault are likely to yield greater settlement amounts.
  • Negotiation Duration. While many car accident victims are eager to get paid out their settlement amount quickly, this may compromise the final amount they receive. Accident negotiations that are closed and settled quickly can result in settlements that are lower than the amount that the victim may have been entitled to.

It’s critical to note that there is no maximum amount that a car accident victim is entitled to in North Carolina, with an exception being a cap on the amount of punitive damages that can be applied to a car accident settlement. Punitive damages are penalties imposed by the state to punish the at-fault party for their behavior, discouraging these events from happening in the future.

The experience and knowledge of your legal representation have a dramatic influence on the amount that you can be paid out for your car accident settlement. Legal representation with strong argumentation and negotiation skills, along with deep knowledge in traffic law, personal injury law, and insurance rates and regulations, can help you work towards getting an optimal car accident settlement amount.


Q: How Much Can I Expect From a North Carolina Car Accident Settlement?

A: The amount you can expect to receive from a North Carolina car accident will depend on various factors, including the amount of evidence involved, your liability in the accident, the severity and nature of the damages and injuries, the cooperativeness of the parties involved, and other key factors. An experienced NC car accident lawyer can analyze the details of your case and give you a more accurate estimate of what you can expect to be paid out for a successful car accident settlement.

Q: Is There a Cap on North Carolina Car Accident Settlements?

A: No, there is no cap on the amount of money that an individual can receive from a car accident settlement. The only exception is the amount of punitive damages the at-fault party may have to pay can be capped. As punitive damages aren’t for the benefit of the accident victim, they are rare in car accident cases. In the state of North Carolina, punitive damages cannot amount to a certain amount- generally no more than three times the amount of the proven compensatory damages.

Q: Can I Sue Someone for a North Carolina Car Accident?

A: Yes, under North Carolina law, you are entitled to sue the at-fault party for your car accident. However, it is critical to prove that they were completely liable for your accident. Otherwise, you may not be entitled to compensation. A dedicated car accident lawyer can analyze your case and determine whether you have a basis for a strong lawsuit to pursue compensation for damages.

Q: How Long Do I Have to Sue After a Car Accident in NC?

A: According to North Carolina law, a victim who has suffered injuries due to a personal injury accident or car accident has three years from the date that they suffer injuries to file a lawsuit. Any attempt to file a lawsuit after this date will likely be rejected, meaning that late filing can compromise a victim’s right to seek proper compensation. A knowledgeable car accident lawyer can inform you of the statute of limitations for your case and let you know about other pertinent deadlines.

Optimize Your Car Accident Settlement With A Passionate North Carolina Car Accident Lawyer

The bureaucratic and legal processes associated with car accident claims and lawsuits are complex and overwhelming. Furthermore, understanding the worth of your damages and the amount that you are entitled to can be even more challenging.

A skilled and knowledgeable North Carolina car accident lawyer from Bridgman Gantt Law Offices can help you optimize your settlement by accurately evaluating your damages and strategically leveraging legal tools to pursue the deserved amount. Start discussing your case today by reaching out to a devoted legal representative at our North Carolina law firm.

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