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6 Common Mistakes For Disability Applicants To Avoid

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Our Greensboro Social Security disability lawyer will likely give you advice on what you should do to improve your chances of successfully filing for Social Security benefits. However, he or she may also discuss things that you should not do during this process.

Stopping Medical Treatment

A Greensboro Social Security disability lawyer can explain how important it is to continue with prescribed medical treatment as your case is pending. If you do stop treatment, it is likely that the Social Security Administration will believe that you are no longer suffering from your impairment.

Not Requesting A Hearing

Many applicants are initially denied. However, they have a right to request a hearing for reconsideration. Many applicants simply fail to request a hearing, effectively waiving this important right. This mistake is critical as approximately 50 percent of applicants receive benefits after requesting a hearing and proving their case.

Not Keeping Good Records

At the hearing level, you must be able to prove your case. This requires you to be able to show your history of your impairment and the treatment you have sought. Being disorganized in this realm can cost you success at the hearing.

Using Alcohol Or Drugs

The Social Security Administration does not consider these self-inflicted impairments to be compensable. Furthermore, using alcohol or drugs can be fatal to your case by showing that you do not follow your doctor’s recommended regimen.

Filing For Unemployment Benefits

If you lost your job because you were unable to perform it after becoming disabled, you may have filed unemployment benefits to receive a portion of your lost income. After all, you still must subsist. However, filing for unemployment benefits implies that you are capable of working. Talk to your Greensboro Social Security disability lawyer before applying.

Legal Assistance From A Greensboro Social Security Disability Lawyer

Another significant mistake is failing to seek adequate legal representation. This is one time when you really should rely on the experience and education of someone who is more familiar with the system. If you would like more information on these six mistakes or other mistakes that can affect your Social Security disability benefits claim, contact a Greensboro Social Security disability lawyer. Call 704-815-6055 to schedule an appointment with a Greensboro Social Security disability lawyer from Bridgman Law Offices.

The Social Security disability application and process can be quite complex and confusing to many claimants. The following list contains six common mistakes that Social Security disability applicants often make with their application for benefits. One such mistake is failing to seek the legal representation that they need from a qualified Charlotte Social Security disability lawyer.

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