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A Greensboro Social Security Disability Attorney On Program Changes

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If you receive Social Security, there are always some changes inSocial Security laws that can have an impact on your monthly check. Typically, most are minor, but aGreensboro Social Security disability attorney can best help you navigate the recent and potential changes that ma have widespread consequences.

Basic Eligibility Remains Unchanged

The fundamental Social Security requirements of attaining a minimum age and having worked a required amount are the same. An applicant must be at least 62 and in most cases must have worked 40 quarters or 10 years to meet the threshold requirements. Of course, changes in an individual’s life circumstances, such as marriage or divorce, will likely impact benefits.

New Rules For Obtaining A Social Security Card

Social Security currently requires an individual requesting a Social Security card to offer proof of his or her citizenship or immigration status. A Greensboro Social Security disability attorney can explain in detail which specific documents will satisfy this requirement.

On The Horizon

As the number of Americans working compared to those receiving benefits alters with the retirement of the baby boomer generation, some of the following changes seem highly likely:

  • An increase in payroll taxes
  • A decrease in benefit payments
  • An increase in retirement age
  • Means testing

Contact A Greensboro Social Security Disability Attorney For Legal Advice

For most people, Social Security benefits are a significant percentage of their retirement income. It is vitally important to maximize and protect that resource. Begin with a call to a Greensboro Social Security disability attorney from the Bridgman Law Offices at (704) 815-6055.

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