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An Explanation Of Continuing Disability Review

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Your Greensboro Social Security attorney can help you with the SSD application process, any appeals, and ongoing reviews. Call (704) 815-6055 today!

If you’ve been approved for disability benefits, it is important to remember that SSA requires continued review of your case to ensure that you are still unable to work as a result of you impairment. Your Greensboro social security attorney has explained the review process below.

Frequency Of Review

The original benefits decision may include a directive as to how often reviews should be conducted. If it is not mentioned in the decision, the notice of award may specify the timing of ongoing reviews. For most claimants, SSA will perform a continued benefits review every three years. Some cases, though, will be reviewed more frequently if the decision states to do so.

Your Role

As a recipient of disability benefits you will be required to submit information about your impairment and related ongoing medical treatment. SSA will want to know if anything has changed in the severity of your impairment and if you have moved forward with doing any new work since your case was last reviewed.

Thus, it is important that you continue to see your doctor once you’ve been approved for benefits. Even if treatment seems futile it is necessary to persist for the sake of your health and continued disability reviews by SSA.

Notice Of Disability Termination

If you’ve received a notice that your disability benefits have been terminated following an unfavorable review you may be able to appeal. It is important to pay close attention to the deadline for appeal; if it is late your benefits will be suspended during appeal.

Contact A Greensboro Social Security Attorney

If you suffer from an impairment that limits your ability to work, it can be extremely beneficial to enlist a knowledgeable Greensboro social security attorney who can assist you in moving forward with a disability claim. Your attorney can help you with the initial application process, any appeals, and the ongoing reviews that arise. Contact Bridgman Law for more information. Call (704) 815-6055 today.

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