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An SSD Attorney in Charlotte on the ALJ’s Opening Statement in a Disability Hearing

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A SSD attorney in Charlotte explains that a disability hearing is less formal than a court trial, but it nonetheless has a specific procedure that is followed.

Opening The Record

At the onset of the hearing, the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) will begin by:

  • Stating who is present
  • Indicating that the claimant is represented by his or her SSD lawyer in Charlotte

What The Record Will Include

The ALJ will then proceed to explain the nature of the hearing, including:

  • The hearing is a de novo review, meaning the case is heard from the beginning without any inclusion of previous determinations.
  • The hearing is recorded.
  • The record will consist of the oral testimony and any documents submitted as evidence.

Procedural Matters

Most ALJs will ask if your SSD attorney in Charlotte wishes to waive a reading of the procedural issues in the case. Typically, absent some unusual circumstance, the attorney agrees to waive the reading. The ALJ will then describe the documents that are proposed as evidence and ask if there are any objections. Once any evidentiary issues are resolved, the hearing may begin.

Call An SSD Lawyer In Charlotte For Legal Counsel

Your disability hearing has been a long time coming. Maximize the opportunity by knowing what to expect and how best to prepare. Call Bridgman Law Offices, an SSD attorney in Charlotte at (704) 815-6055.

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