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Appealing A Denial: A Charlotte SSD Law Firm’s Advice

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Your Charlotte SSD law firm can provide you with valuable assistance and guidance. Call the Bridgman Law Offices at 704-815-6055 today.

Your claim has been processed, and the Social Security Administration has refused to grant you disability benefits. In the paragraphs below, an attorney with your Charlotte SSD law firm addresses what to do now.

Timing Is Crucial

The first thing to do is to begin the appeal process as quickly as possible. There is a 60-day time limit during which you may do this, so no time must be lost. After that, your only recourse is to start all over again. Worse, failing to meet the time limit could cost you some back benefits. By acting quickly, you can proceed to the hearing stage in as timely a manner as completion of the denial process permits.

Appealing The Decision

In addition to the notification that your claim has been denied, the letter will also include information on how to proceed with an appeal. The action is referred to as a “request for reconsideration.” If this action is denied, the next step is to file a request to have your case heard before an administrative law judge. This request for a hearing must be completed within the time restriction.

Filing Options

There are several ways in which you can file your appeal. You may visit the Social Security office and submit the appeal directly. You may choose to call the SSA and handle the submission by telephone and via the mail, or you can submit your appeal online at If you deal with the SSA in person, take a photocopy of your denial letter with you. Further, be absolutely certain that the representative provides you with a signed appeal paper. This form shows that you are within the 60-day limit. If you appeal online, follow the instructions at the website and print your receipt as proof that you did not miss the deadline.

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Your Charlotte SSD lawyer can provide you with valuable assistance and guidance as you work your way through the appeal process. Call the Bridgman Law Offices at 704-815-6055 today.

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