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Appealing a denied SSDI claim

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As a North Carolina resident who is unable to earn a living due to a serious injury or illness, you may turn to the U.S. Social Security Administration for help. Social Security Disability Insurance is a type of government benefit that helps qualifying Americans get by in the absence of an income. However, many people who apply for these benefits have the SSA deny their initial claims.

Per the SSA, if the administration does deny your SSDI claim, you have options as far as appealing the decision. There are four distinct stages in the SSDI appeals process, and here is a closer look at each.


When you ask the SSA to reconsider your denied SSDI claim, someone who did not review the claim initially takes another look at it to see if the new reviewer agrees with the original one.

Hearing With A Judge

If requesting a reconsideration does not result in an approved claim, you may need to ask for a hearing with an administrative law judge.

Review With The Appeals Council

If the hearing does not lead to an approved SSDI claim, you may need to ask the appeals council to review the judge’s decision and see if it comes to the same conclusion.

File A Court Action

If the appeals council also denies your claim, your last option involves filing a federal court review with the U.S. District Court.

There are deadlines associated with each stage in the SSDI appeals process. Abiding by these deadlines is vital if you wish to improve your chances of having your claim approved.

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