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What information do you need to apply for SSD benefits?

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When you apply for Social Security Disability benefits, you must ensure you complete the application fully. Having all the information you need before you begin can greatly help you to do this.

An incomplete application or one without the proper information is likely to get a denial. The Social Security Administration is upfront about what documents and details you need to complete the process.

Personal Data

You will have to provide the SSA with a lot of personal details. You have to give them your Social Security number, place of birth, date of birth, and details on your children and past or present marriages. You also need to have your banking details for electronic transfers of your benefits.

Medical Information

The medical information you provide will serve as the basis for the SSA to make its determination on whether you qualify or not for benefits, so it needs to be extensive. You should provide all the contact information for all medical providers.

You also must detail every health condition you have. You will need your patient ID numbers, addresses, phone numbers, and names of all providers and facilities. You will also need to have the dates for procedures and tests, along with details on the medications you take.

Work Details

Part of qualifying for SSD benefits is that you meet the work requirements since SSD comes from the money you paid while working. You will need to show that you have accumulated enough work credits to get benefits through provided the dates and details of all employment.

You really cannot have too much information to provide with your application. So, more is always better.

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