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Are children eligible for SSI benefits?

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Supplemental security income from the Social Security Administration provides qualifying individuals with financial support. There are a number of ways that a Charlotte resident may qualify for SSI, including by age, disability or blindness. Children may qualify for SSI benefits if they meet the requirements set forth by the Social Security Administration.

A person is considered a child for the purposes of applying for SSI benefits if they are under the age of 18 or under the age of 22 and a regular student. They may qualify for SSI benefits at the time they are born if they suffer from blindness or a qualifying disability; their disability must be expected to last for at least a year and be significantly severe to meet the requirements of the definition of disability.

Certain financial factors may influence how much SSI support a child may receive. If their parent or parents earn regular income, if there are other children in their household and other issues may increase or decrease the amount of support they are eligible to receive.

It is important that individuals who wish to investigate whether their child or children are eligible for SSI benefits speak with legal professionals in North Carolina who understand the requirements of starting the process. Cases proceed based on different facts and the application process can be difficult for those who do not understand what is expected of them.

Children who qualify for SSI benefits can receive them if they apply and are approved. Different individuals may have different outcomes as they move through the SSI application process for their kids and all readers are encouraged to seek their own legal guidance on this complex legal topic.

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