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An overview of the reconsideration hearing process

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Not long ago this Charlotte Social Security disability legal blog discussed the incredibly long waits that some Americans must face when their disability benefits’ applications are initially denied. The first step in having one’s denial reviewed is to request a reconsideration hearing. A reconsideration hearing must be requested within 60 days of when an applicant receives notice that their SSD benefits application has been denied; this post will briefly explain what happens during a reconsideration hearing.

An applicant does not have to appear in person when their matter goes to a reconsideration hearing. Rather, a person who works for the Social Security Administration and who did not have any part of the applicant’s initial review will look over the materials the applicant submitted to see if a mistake was made during the initial review process.

During the reconsideration hearing the reviewer may also look over any evidence or materials that the applicant wishes to submit to support their claim that their application for disability benefits should be approved. The reconsideration reviewer can overturn the initial review and grant the applicant their request for disability benefits, but if they agree with the initial reviewer then the applicant must appeal the decision of the reconsideration hearing to a hearing before an administrative law judge.

As one can see, it can take a lot of work to get a disability benefits application approved if it is not initially granted upon its first review. The more appeals a person must make, the longer they must wait to get the support they need to live their life. Some who choose to file for disability benefits work with attorneys who provide services in this field so that their applications are complete and well-suited for approval on initial review.

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