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A disabling injury can be expensive for someone who can’t work

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Minor injuries are a common occurrence in the lives of Charlotte residents. The daily bumps, bruises and cuts that individuals often accidently self-inflict can cause significant short-term pain but rarely manifest into serious injuries that keep people from meeting their professional responsibilities. From time to time, though, serious accidents and incidents happen that inflict major injuries on their victims and that force hardworking men and women from keeping up with their jobs.

Serious injuries that result in disabilities to their victims can, in some, cases, form the bases for Social Security disability benefits claims. There are many injuries that may qualify victims for these financial support tools and individuals who cannot work because of their injuries and trauma are encouraged to discuss their potential claims with disability benefits attorneys.

Traumatic brain injuries, spinal injuries, paralysis and losses of limbs are only some of the significant injuries recognized as potential disabilities by the Social Security Administration. Applicants for disability benefits must be able to show that their injuries are sufficiently severe with medical evidence to qualify and must demonstrate that their injuries are long-term. Not all claims for disability benefits are approved on their initial reviews and lawyers who practice disability law can help those who have had their claims denied.

The Bridgman Law Offices, located in Charlotte, are prepared to take on new Social Security disability benefits clients who may qualify based upon their serious injuries. Men and women who have endured traumas and harm in vehicle accidents, workplace incidents and a myriad of other hazardous situations are encouraged to learn more about their potential rights to benefits from the Social Security Administration.

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