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Can you appeal SSDI denials?

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Sometimes North Carolina residents who want to work may find a physical or mental condition impedes their abilities to do so. Thankfully, the Social Security Administration provides an insurance program for those suffering from disabling conditions. The process for filing for benefits might be straightforward, but the chance of denial exists. Roughly 66% of initial claim applicants receive a rejection. However, that does not mean the process ends.

Following Up After An SSDI Denial

When the agency denies a social security disability insurance claim, the applicant has a chance to appeal. Upon receiving the denial notice, the applicant has 60 days to file an appeal. Be aware that even appeals come with a high chance for a denial.

Reasons for denial may vary. Sometimes, evidence suggests the person is able to work. Persons not eligible to receive benefits would understandably experience denials. That said, there are instances in which problems with the application undermine its approval.

Applications And Representation

The Social Security Administration requires proof of a disabling condition. Not providing the proper medical documentation may lead to a denial. Not submitting a complete application or failing to respond to a request from the SSA won’t be helpful.

Working with an attorney might increase the chances things go through in the first place. Many applicants handle the initial submission by themselves, and may receive a denial. If denied, an applicant may work with an attorney to file an appeal. An attorney may represent the client in front of an administrative law judge, the Appeals Council, or, if necessary, in federal court.

A denial of social security disability benefits does not necessarily mean the end. An attorney could work with a client on several levels of appeals. A successful appeal may result in the applicant receiving vital benefit payments.

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