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What sort of impact does retirement have on SSD?

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Residents of North Carolina who are receiving SSD (Social Security Disability) benefits will notice some changes upon reaching retirement age. For most of those people, though, the changes are relatively minor.

What Happens To SSD Upon Reaching Retirement?

Full retirement age is the point at which you qualify for 100% of your Social Security benefits. It is currently 66 years old and will gradually rise to 67 over the course of the next few years. Bear these facts in mind going forward.

When you finally reach your full retirement age, your SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) payment converts automatically into a retirement benefit.

Regardless of the age at which you first began receiving SSD, the Social Security Administration set the amount as if you had already reached full retirement age. Consequently, there will probably be minimal change in your economic circumstances. Your benefits will no longer pass through the SSD payments, and your retirement program will operate as a replacement. This transition does not affect the amount someone receives, but the money will come from a different government fund.

Other Changes

There is another factor to take into consideration. When you reach retirement age, the benefits you receive will no longer be subject to the specific earnings limit you had to follow previously. This means that you can pick up another job or some other source of income without facing any repercussions or income loss from your SSD checks.

Are There Any Requirements For The Transition?

There are no requirements that you have to meet before transitioning your disability payments into retirement payments. Just as it did with your SSD payment, the Social Security Administration will automatically place your retirement benefit directly into your bank account or retirement fund without you needing to fill out additional paperwork. The Social Security Administration website has more information regarding the topic of SSD benefits and retirement.

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